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The Coex website

The Coex website is built on Wordpress, responsive web, and Linux servers. It has many features such as search, post and more.

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The Gmd website

The Gmd website is made up of Wordpress, responsive web and restful web services. It optimizes for search engines like Google, Yahoo.

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Seoul Coffe EXPO website

The Seoul Coffe EXPO website is a blog type Wordpress site that allows you to post materials in image and text combinations and is a responsive website that can manage YouTube and images on the main page.

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Foodweek website

Foodweek, a blog-type website written in Wordpress, offers a variety of newsletters and has two major categories of hompages: food and desserts.

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Hwarang Accounting Office website

Hwarang Accounting office is the same wework building. It is perfect responsive web for all devices and internet browsers.

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Jilkyungyee website

Jilkyungyee website is made up of Wordpress. This is a responsive website where you can manage YouTube and images on the main page

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Korea Character Licensing Fair website

The Character Licensing Fair website is based on Wordpress, responsive web and Linux servers. It is convenient to expose the announcements and SNS on the main page.

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Seoripul festival website

Seoripul festival is a website created with Java CMS. The function to create a calendar by registering an event program by schedule is also implemented, and it is possible to manage images.

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